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TheHüni combination of tradition and competence is based on over 80 years of experience in the construction of barrels. A guarantee of excellence!

Since 2013, Sida has been collaborating with the international company: Hüni for the construction of propylene (PPH) barrels: Polypropylene has been used for the construction of barrels for over 15 years and hundreds of barrels are being successfully used in the tanning market worldwide. We have been using polypropylene for the preparation of tanks for more than 40 years, and some of these tanks are still in use today. PPH has demonstrated less wear compared to wood.

Advantages of the Hüni polypropylene (PPH) barrels: The polypropylene barrel is an impressive combination between a stainless steel barrel and a wood barrel, with the advantages of both without having their disadvantages.
Easy to clean: interiors and exteriors of the barrel are easy to clean, which gives the advantage of using the same barrel for different colours and applications without the restrictions of typical wooden barrels.
Improved thermal insulation: with respect to the stainless steel barrels and surprisingly better than wooden barrel and therefore provide the best conditions for storage. Energy saving.
Chemical resistance: PPH has better chemical resistance than wood and stainless steel, thus extending the fields of use where the wooden and steel barrels 'can't venture' or fai in a short time. To mention but a few, these barrels are resistant to the following chemicals: hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda, sodium sulfide, organic acids, ammonia, hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid at higher concentrations.
More interior volume: and thus a higher load capacity compared to timber drums of the same external dimension. Depending on the size of the drum (and thus depending on the thickness of the wood), the volume of PPH drums is higher by about 11-18%.
Lower weight: and therefore less mechanical force on the transmission and on the foundation.
Lowest price: compared to the drums in high quality stainless steel.
There is no need for the lengthy preparation: compared to wooden drums, PPH containers are ready for use within a few days after arrival in the tannery.
Easy to repair: in case of damage

New Jumbo technology for wood and PPH polypropylene



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